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Neon lit house on an island at night.

Cloud Island

Dimensions in centimetres height122 × width171 cm / Dimensions in inches height48 × width67 ⅜″
EV of 16
Series Lunar Voyage
Subject matter boat,  island,  moon,  tree,  blossom
Neon lit house on an island at night.

We have an Artist Proof available. Please contact for further information

Cloud Island was made in Aberdeen at the Peacock Print Studio. In this rather Chinese and Confusion image of a shack amongst rocks and trees I wanted to try and find a metaphor for the world itself as a prelapsarian Eden. The question of why on earth the man in my picture is venturing out in his boat is perhaps linked in part to rage, the rage and wind in one’s heart that comes with the territory of trying to make something from nothing while in essence it is a vanity - TH