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EV 14/100
£400 + VAT

Dartington Moon Bird

Dimensions in centimetres height91 × width60 cm / Dimensions in inches height35 ⅞ × width23 ⅝″
EV of 100
Subject matter tree,  moon,  bird

It’s nearly always the case for us in the studio that the simplest images in appearance are the most difficult to print. Here, a bird high up in a tree blends in with the tone of the foliage while seen against the moonlit sky. We used silver ink mixed in with prussian and violet blues to try to emulate a range of early evening and twilight atmospheres. As you can see from this small selection they vary quite a lot in this edition. This woodcut, while it’s dimensions would normally indicate a more expensive print, is being sold in a larger edition to raise money for The Dartington Trust to contribute towards their artistic programme. Proceeds from any sale of this woodcut will be shared with this inspiring arts organisation near Totnes - TH