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Cabin in the woods.
EV 6/10
£6,700 + VAT

Night Cabin

Dimensions in centimetres height164 × width124 cm / Dimensions in inches height64 ½ × width48 ″
EV of 10
Subject matter cabin,  night
Cabin in the woods.

Night Cabin was made partly in response to a fishing trip on the Salmonier River. There I found a handmade memorial etched out on zinc to Paddy Furey and Johnny Tibbo from their hunting friends declaring that they were at peace with nature. This conjured up the image of a young man by a cabin in the woods at the end of a trail. He is wearing a Fox racing T shirt - a passion for many men in the country, who like scrambling motorbikes on the trails. The tree above him, a sort of explosion of fireworks, is a way of describing his passion for the outdoors and his love of the natural world.