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People standing beneath starry sky.
EV 7/16
£4,200 + VAT


Dimensions in centimetres height79 × width108 cm / Dimensions in inches height31 ⅛ × width42 ½″
EV of 16
Series Lunar Voyage
Subject matter night,  sky,  space
People standing beneath starry sky.

In Bruegel’s painting ‘The Fall of Icarus’ no one notices the moment of impact and life goes on. Here the traveller is returning in a blaze of glory. His family are no longer watching the sky for his return.

After the sterility of space I tried to use simple patterned fabrics on each figure as a metaphor for how sophisticated life on earth really is; a Missoni jumpsuit, a rather mumsy Heals fabric straight from the early 70’s, a Shepard Fairey iconic image of a refugee used in Obama’s re-election campaign and a Jean Paul Gaultier camouflage suit.