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EV 1/6
£4,000 + VAT

Sailing Into Night (woodcut)

Dimensions in centimetres height120 × width91 cm / Dimensions in inches height47 ¼ × width35 ⅞″
EV of 6
Subject matter sea,  night,  sail

Sailing Into Day and Night are made in tiny variable editions of 6 with the coloured set, Sailing Into Day further sub divided into twos according to the background. When I first noticed wind surfing in the 80’s I adored the movement of their coloured sails set against the flatness of sea and sky. Sails these days have changed remarkably but I was remembering how inflexible these vast booms were especially at a time when one was learning. In this image I hope I have conveyed the precariousness of the early learner almost as a metaphor for my generation with children seeing their offspring going out into the world - TH